What type of Internship you are looking for?

Before starting your research take time to identify what is the best and more suitable Internship for you, and where would you like it to be. What is your ideal job and your favorite city?

Ask your self the following questions:
What skills are you looking to develop?
In what companies would you like to work? What type of company? Small or large?
For how long are you looking to work?
Are you looking for curricular value with this program?

Writing an effective Resume and Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Make sure you direct your Cover Letter to the companies and industries you are looking for. Companies receive thousands of applications and spend small amounts of time on each of them. So, make sure you stand out from the rest in order to call recruiter´s attention.

Mention on your Cover Letter that you are applying for a J1 visa through ICE and CIEE. It will be easier if your possible host organization understands they won´t have to sponsor your paperwork in order to work with them. If your possible host organization is not familiar with the program, ask them to visit the following link

Try to find the name of the person in charge of recruiting at the host organization, if you cant find it address your Cover Letter to the “Hiring Event” or “Human Resources Manager”. If possible send your documents to several people at the company.


Mention your professional experience, certifications, qualifications and education. The format and content of an American-style resume might differ from other ones, make sure you have the right one

Make it as short as possible while still being clear.
Start with the most recent information and work backwards.
Do not include graphics, photographs, or icons unless specifically requested.
Give your files logical names. For example AMartinCoverLetter.
In addition to attaching the files, paste the text into the body of the email to give the recipient another option for reading them.
Be clear about how and when can you be reached, and make it as easy as possible for employers to contact you if they are interested.
For more tips go to the following link:

Where can you find possible Internships?

Pay a visit to your university Career Center, they might have partnerships with foreign companies or could tell you where else to find them.

There are several Online Search Engines:

You can also apply directly to the company that you are interested on, they might have an Internship for you. If you can´t find information on their website send them an email or give them a call to see if they have options for you.
Check out the following link in order to be better prepared to find the ideal Internship for you:

The following positions are not eligible for the program
Au pairs, nannies or domestic work
Camp Counselors
Positions related to medical industries
Positions related to veterinary industries
Pilots or crew members on ships or airplanes
Teachers or educational instructors
Temporary or staffing agency employers


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