Internship USA

El programa CIEE´s & ICE´s Internships USA program allows you to participate as an Intern or Trainee at one of the best companies and/or organizations in the communications, informational technologies, commerce, business, finances, administration, laws, sciences, engineerings, architecture, mathematics industries among others in the United States.

It is an opportunity through the Intercultural Exchange J1 Visa to develop your personal and professional skills as an Intern or Trainee depending on your profile in one of the previously mentioned industries. Besides practicing your English skills you´ll have the opportunity to explore the North American culture.



It’s for students graduating in the next 12 months or recently graduated. Its not necessary to have professional experience, this is the best way to obtain it.


It is for professionals with two years or more of experience. This program allows you to strengthen your skills and help you develop new ones.

Application process

Fill up the application form:

Once you´ve completed the application form, one of our advisors will get in touch with you to follow up with your application process and to answer any questions you may have.

Find the perfect Internship for you at your favorite city:

Whatever your profession is, there is an internship for you! Check out our guide on how to find the perfect internship for you (Link). Your advisor will help you out.

Interview with your personal advisor:

Your personal advisor will get in touch with you to set up an interview and learn more about you. As well as explaining you more about the program and answer any questions you could have.

Finish your application:

Complete your online application and all the paperwork that your advisor will send you, and depending on your employer you might have an interview with them as well.

Appointment at the embassy:

Once your DS 2019 Form is issued, you´ll request an interview at the United States embassy. Don’t worry; we know all the steps and requirements in order to have a successful interview.

Your Internship begins!:

Your visa is approved and you set up your travel dates. You fly to your destiny and an unforgettable experience of personal and professional growth begins. You’ll be in touch with your personal advisor at all times.

Whats included?

Job agreement with an employer in the United States.
Advice through out the whole process to obtain the J1 Visa, as well as the required paperwork.
Medical insurance for the period of your contract.
Orientation and training in order to perform as needed with your employer.
24 hours a day 7 days a week emergency hot line service from the insurance company, as well as constant communication with ICE team members.
30 days to travel around the USA either before or after your program.
Plus, you´ll get a salary between $8 and $10 US dollars an hour and work approximately 35 hours a week.

*Check terms and conditions

You´ll get a salary between $8 and $10 US dollars an hour.

Intern Costs

Updating 2017 Season fees

Trainee Costs

Updating 2017 Season fees

The Internship USA program is an excellent opportunity to develop your professional and personal skills. You´ll have an exposure to an international environment based on the organizational culture of the United States.

Remember that in order to participate in the program you´ll have to incur in different expenses, and also remember that you´ll be getting a salary for your work which will help you compensate the expenses and allow you to travel around the United States and explore it.


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